In-House Lab for Complete Animal Health Testing

Choose Burnham Veterinary Hospital Inc. for quality veterinary lab facilities in Graham, TX. We run a host of tests to ensure that your pet or farm animal gets the necessary medical attention to stay and grow healthy. We're hooked up with the right professionals to get external blood testing if we can't handle something in our own lab.

You won't find another lab nearby that does Coggins testing within 1-2 hours from town. Most minor surgeries are done in the morning so that your pet can go home with you the same day. We can treat just about any animal or pet, making us your ideal veterinary hospital.

We're the only lab in Graham, TX that performs Coggins testing, within the whole county!

Comprehensive lab tests and checkups

  • Pregnancy tests and checkups
  • Sperm count testing for dogs, horses, and bulls
  • Sending off for rabies testing
  • Coggins testing for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)
  • Trichomoniasis testing for bulls
  • Same-day testing